Events created since 1998 in chronological order

1998 – Verona – International Festival of the Rap for Peace and Tolerance; International Seminar on Vladimir Nabokov for the occasion official celebrations for the centenary of the writer’s birth, in collaboration with the Russian Embassy at UNESCO and the Bolchoi Theater of Moscow; Celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights (Verona, Paris, New York); Conference of Evgeny Sidorov, Permanent Representative of the Federation of Russia at UNESCO on the theme “Russian culture today” at the University of Verona;

1999 – Budapest – Organization of a concert in the framework of the UNESCO International Conference on Science, (Science and Values) with the participation of Szegedi Kortars Ballet, the Sinfonietta Hungarica and the participation of singers who won singing competitions; Sultanate of Oman – Inauguration of the new open air theater “Al Fleij Castle for Arts” in the presence of the Director General of UNESCO and the Sultan of Oman; Verona – International Singing Competition on “La Dama di Picche” with concerts in Paris, at UNESCO and at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow; Verona, Paris – Organization of an international poetry competition for the translation of Pushkin’s poem “The Prophet” for the occasion the official celebrations of UNESCO for the centenary of the writer; Bethlehem, Palestine- Inauguration in Bethlehem of the International Museum of the Nativity sponsored by UNESCO in the presence of Yasser Arafat and the Prime MinisterM. D’Alema;

2000 – Celebration of the World Poetry Day in Verona with the seminar “The poets of the night” in collaboration with the Literary Society of Verona and in Budapest with a show set up on a ship on the Danube with 37 poets on board. Support and collaboration at the Romapoesia and Mittelfest poetry festivals in Cividale in Friuli; Singing Competition on “Romeo and Juliet” with final selections in Budapest and concerts at the Hungarian State Opera House, Kiev Opera, Ludwigshaven Theater;

2001 – Educational video on the opera La Traviata in Budapest at the Opera House, as part of the program “The Italian Opera in the world” with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

2001 – Constituent Assembly of the World Academy of Poetry with the participation of 60 poets from the 5 continents including some Nobel Prize winners such as Wole Soyinka or Derek Wallcott and Mario Luzi among the founding members. Organization of a poetry show and music at the Basilica of S. Zeno in Verona;

2002 – Video educational on Rigoletto in Bucharest, at the Teatro dell’Opera, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGPCC); 2003/2004 – International Singing Competition on Don Giovanni in Verona.

2002 – Paris – Celebration of World Poetry Day by invitation of the Education Minister Jack Lang; Marrakech – Inauguration of the first decentralized office of the World Poetry Academy for North Africa;

March 2003 – Verona – Celebration of the World Poetry Day on the theme “Poetry and Peace”. Organization of the show “The Azaleas of the 5 continents”, music and poetry in the Cathedral of Verona;

November 2003 – Verona – “Music and Poetry for the New Europe”, celebrative event of the Italian Presidency Semester of the European Union, under the patronage of the European Commission, and of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Organization of an exhibition at the Gran Guardia in Verona on the 10 new EU member states, a conference at the Verona University and a show at the Gran Guardia on the music and poetry of the 10 new member states;

March 2004 – Rome – World Poetry Day dedicated to Mario Luzi and Pablo Neruda;

June 2004 – Verona – The Olympic Games of Poetry, “Il Nuovo Parnaso”, on the occasion of the Athens Olympics, a show of ancient and contemporary Greek music and poetry at the Gran Guardia Palace;

March 2005 – Rome – World Poetry Day dedicated to Alda Merini and Federico Garcia Lorca;

June 2005 – Verona – “Novecento Veneto” show of music, poetry, dance, at the Teatro Nuovo, directed by Paolo Valerio;

March 2007 – Verona – World Poetry Day for the occasion the centenary of Léopold Sédar Senghor;

May 2007 – Govone (CN) – “Rose cardinali” for the occasion the opening to the public of the Rose Garden of King Carlo Felice of Savoy;

July 2007 – Chant, dance, music show and images at Villa Arvedi (VR);

March 2008 – Verona – World Poetry Day – Tribute to 20th Century Italian Poetry, with Maria Luisa Spaziani, Alessandro Quasimodo and the Q-Projet with Alberto Fortis for the show of poetry, music and dance;

March 2009 – World Poetry Day – Homage to Brazil with Marcia Theophilo;

October 2009 – Conferences on Modern and Contemporary Art from Hiroshima to Today – with the art expert Carlo Vanoni (Orler Gallery);

March 2010 – Tribute to Tonino Guerra, poet of Cinema, with Wim Wenders, Theo Angelopoulos Tonino and Andrea Guerra;

2011 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the World Poetry Academy, Poetry Corner cycle of meetings beginning of a journey (Pesaro);

2012 World Poetry Day Tribute to Caproni, Montale, Zanzotto, Senghor and Szymborska; the Renga Chain Poetry; Poetry Slam with Lello Voce, Exhibition by Giuliano Grittini The Gift of a strange prophecy dedicated to Alda Merini and Marilyn Monroe; Book Fair of Poetry; Third poetry contest Behind the Landscape; Different flows, Caorle;

2013 Poetry Day Tribute to Gabriele D’Annunzio, Tonino Guerra and Vittorio Sereni;

2014 Homage to Mario Luzi;

2015 Debate “Poetry and Peace” , the importance of the poetic word in communication;

2016, Poetry Day : 400 years after Shakespeare, the Magic of being human;

2017, Poetry as the DNA of the world: identity and translation in the contemporary world.

2018, World Poetry Day: bicentennial of the poem “L’Infinito” by Giacomo Leopardi.